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In 1978 born “Simoncelli Sergio Snc” from experience and ambition of its owners in 1989 our company move to a new productive site in Mediglia and starts its mechanical manufactoring with CNC machines and became “S.C. Officine meccaniche Srl”
“S.C. Officine meccaniche Srl” developes its activity in the new building of 750 square meter, composed by productive parts, warehouses and offices.
Since the owner’s offsprings joined the business, the firm is continuously growing and ever-developing.
Due to its flexible structure and its dynamic and attentive work policy, S.C. Officine Meccaniche has coped with the ever-changing market thank to a constant process of technological updating that allowed the business to reach an ever-evolving and consistent level of productivity at the highest quality standards.

Application fields

Our firm’s production mainly addresses three macro-areas:

AUTOMOTIVE - Transmission systems, anti-vibration supports, poly-V and prototypes.
ANTIVIBRATION SYSTEMS - Metal components for rubber molding and plastic.
PETROLCHEMICAL - Ball valve details, body single and double ball, internal part, needle valve, grease nipple, bleeder and plug.
MARINE - Manufacturing of metallic and plastic particular, special polishing for marine sector.

But also addresses to the following:

- Railway industry
- Textile industry
- Food industry